Craft Stone is available in a wide range of profiles & colours. It is available in stacked stone, crazy random stone patterns, and also ledgestones. Craft Stone is also available in sandstone & bluestone colours that are sympathetic to the Australian environment.

It is simple to create a bluestone stone home at a fraction of the cost of traditional bluestone blocks & construction.

Craft Stone is available throughout Australia in all major states including Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC & Perth WA.

dry stone wall modern house

Stone Homes Created by Craft Stone

It is simple to build a stone home using the Craft Stone range of manufactured stone cladding. Craft Stone is lightweight, so it can be applied to a variety of different external & internal walls or substrates. The lightweight stone can be applied to brickwork or fibre cement sheet using
in-expensive expanded metal lathe. This means home owners can cover their existing exterior walls with Craft Stone, and achieve a unique stone home.

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